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Love In the Name of Christ is a church-based ministry that began in 1977 in Holland, Michigan. It’s founder, Dr. Virgil Gulker, was a social worker and outreach director. Deeply committed to helping people who found themselves lacking resources or a support network, he was certain God had called Christian churches to the same mission.

Love INC helps churches help people. It teaches churches how to access their capabilities, connect with their neighbors, build new ministries and find fulfilled volunteers, and serve their community. It also unites a variety of congregations in a single purpose of serving so that, working together, all churches can more effectively offer real help to their neighbors.

This wonderful ministry has grown and became known across the nation with 135 Love INC affiliates in 30 states representing a network of more than 8,600 churches, 9,200 community-based organizations and 100,000 Christian church volunteers.


In 1991, after many conversations about the needs of our community, the Cadillac Area Ministerial Association (CAMA) joined Love INC and several local churches came together to serve. A part-time director was hired and all else was staffed with volunteers. The ministry was well received and as it grew, the word was out of how we love to help.

In 2002, some Reed City churches requested that we extend our boundaries and we became Love INC of Wexford and Osceola Counties.

In 2006, The INC Spot of Reed City (a resale store) was opened to not only help raise needed funds for our ministry but to supply that community with a place to buy nice, gently used products. In 2008, we were able to purchase a building for that store.

In 2008, a second INC Spot was opened in Manton and in 2015 we were able to purchase a very suitable building to be a home for that store. We are blessed to serve each of these communities with a place to shop.

In 2010, we implemented the Higher Ground Learning sessions which are designed to encourage and support families with ideas and information while enhancing the emotional, social, mental, spiritual and physical balance of each life. See the Higher Ground link for more information.

In 2012, the Love INC office purchased a building on Sunnyside Drive and in 2016 we lost everything in a fire. Because of the generosity of the community and insurance, we were able to rebuild and we moved into our new building in July of 2017.

As you can see from the links on our web page, Love INC of Wexford and Osceola Counties has grown tremendously and we so grateful to God that we have the opportunity to help in the many unique ways that we do.